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Article Summary 2 - Article Summary Social Psychology...

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Article Summary Pierre Durant Social Psychology October 19, 2009 Stifling Stereotypes Within this article the principle being studied is whether or not positive stereotypes can be just as limiting as those stereotypes with negative connotations. It had been shown in previous studies that negative stereotypes can inhibit academic performance of even the most gifted members of that said group. In fact in one study it was shown that participants told to think of themselves in the context of their Asian identity performed better on math assessments than those in the control condition. This demonstrates that even though negative stereotypes can be crippling to intellectual performance, positive stereotypes can create a boost in confidence and expectations for personal success. On the other hand, it is assumed that if high performance is expected by an outside audience then an individual may struggle with the thought of not living up to those said expectations and thus “choke under pressure.” Therefore, the researchers hypothesized that, positive stereotypes when placed in the context of public expectations, can lead to diminished mental performance. A study was conducted using forty-nine self-proclaimed Asian American women
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Article Summary 2 - Article Summary Social Psychology...

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