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Atlantic Slave Trade notes

Atlantic Slave Trade notes - Atlantic Slave trade Slave...

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Atlantic Slave trade Slave Trade in Africa Ancient and universal phenomena African kingdoms and Islamic nations conduct brisk commerce o Not race based Arab merchants and West African kings imported white slaves from Europe o Portugese were the first people to make contact with West Africa and to develop a trade relationship with West Africa The Ordeal From Capture to Destination High Mortality o Exhaustion suicide murder o Long forced marches from the interior to coast Factories served as Headquarters The African Migration Process Initial Capture o POWs March to Coast o Caravans o March averaged 6 months from West Central Africa to Coast Barracoons o Slave pens o Threw fire on slaves who became unruly Embarkation o Certified as Christians o Branded o Taken to large ships in small boats Middle Passage o Dysentery/ Dehydration o Shipmate Syndrome Acculturation Process Making a Slave: From Captive to Commodity Slavery is the permanent (perpetual and inherited) violent domination of natally alienated and generally dishourned persons. Social Death Turning African Captives into Atlantic Commodities The Slavers Small and narrow ships Two slaves per ship-tonnage formula Most captains were “tight packers”
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The Crossing 40 to 180 days Frightening experience Crowded, unsanitary conditions Slaves fed twice a day o Poor and sufficient diet Vegetables pulps Denied meat and fish Stews and fruits Ten people eating from one bucket Unwashed hands spread disease Malnutrition diease depression death African Women on Slave Ships o Less protection against unwanted sexual attention from European men o African women worth half the price of African men in the Caribbean markets o Separation from male slaves made them easier targets Historian Barbara Bush Middle passage horrors depressed sex drives
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