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Carl Jung A major goal of midlife is individuation o Involves integration (balancing) of all aspects of psyche The Persona: The image of ourselves that is external The Ego: The “I” center of consciousness The Shadow: The dark side of the psyche, aspects of psyche that are discarded/avoided The Anima/Animus: Feminine/Masculine aspects of the psyche The Self: the total of all there aspects
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Unformatted text preview: Carl Jung • Arises as a result of the difficult change that characterizes midlife o Different sets of goals apply to midlife • Failure to achieve individuation o Leads to difficulty and inner turmoil o Perhaps suggestive of a “crisis” • Anima/Animus particularly Big 5 Personality o Recall the Big 5 personality traits o Openness o Conscientiousness o Stability in Personality...
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