Writing+Instructions - por eso = therefore por esa razn To...

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Writing Instructions A topic will be assigned to you. Guidelines about what you must write about may also be given (often in the form of questions or commands: describe, compara, analiza, da tu opinion sobre… .). However, don't just merely answer the questions posed; always write in paragraph format and make it a good habit to use the "connective devices" below. Present your ideas in a logical order. Connective Devices for Good Writing Below, you will find many expressions that will help you in your writing. You should use the following expressions as often as possible in your journal writing (and on the written portions of your exams) in order to connect your thought in a coherent and concise manner. Your compositions will read more smoothly. To add more information y = and también = also además = furthermore; moreover To provide contrast pero = but en cambio = on the other hand sin embargo = nevertheless, however por el contrario = on the contrary To provide reasons
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Unformatted text preview: por eso = therefore por esa razn To provide results or consequences porque = because as = so por consiguiente = consequently en consequencia por lo tanto: hence To give examples por ejemplo = for example para dar un ejemplo = to give an example 1 Expressions of freguency siempre / casi siempre = always / almost always todos los das = every day a veces = sometimes / at times de vez en cuando = From time to time nunca / casi nunca = never / almost never los lunes/martes/mirco1es/jueves/viernes = on Mondays/ Tuesdays/ Wednesdays/ Thursdays/ Fridays los sbados/domingos = on Saturdays/Sundays los fines de semana = on the weekends To order events primero = first en primer lugar segundo = second en segundo lugar tercero = third en tercer lugar luego = then despus = afterwards ms tarde = later finalmente = finally por la maana = in the moming por la tarde = in the aftemoon por la noche = in the evening/ at night 2...
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Writing+Instructions - por eso = therefore por esa razn To...

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