1.25.11 - Sociology102 15:14 Whatissocialstructure?

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Sociology 102 15:14 What is social structure? Regular patterns of social organization  and social interaction Individuals’ actions within social structures are guided by rules  and norms Rule systems (bureaucracies, legal proceedings, regulations) become  institutions o Marriage, army, corporations, political parties, schools, fraternities are  institutions People are sorted differently into institutions o Many institutions are the domain of a particular  group Elite children and poor children are involved in different institutions  (foster home, public school) o Some institutions involve many different groups Zoos, public transportation in some cities, television  Social structure sorts or  stratifies  people into different institutions o People with different places in the social structure have different  statuses Types of Status Max Weber (1864-1920)- 3 types of status o 1. Class/socio-economic status Economic realm of social life-Based on wealth, income, property,  money inherit, money in bank- high socio-economic status o 2. Prestige/social status Cultural realm of social life- how much honor, respect, admiring, 
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1.25.11 - Sociology102 15:14 Whatissocialstructure?

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