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Lab 2 Lab Report - Harsh Patel 62Lab 2 Lab Report Major...

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2 6 Harsh Patel Lab 2 Lab Report – Major Components inside a PC Student Name: Harsh Patel Due: online beginning of Lab 3 The Main board in the PC that you will be working with is a P4B533 Motherboard with a P4 2.4GHz Processor. Using the resources at the end of this guide or any other resources you can find, answer to the following questions. 5 points each Activity 1 Questions: 1. What are the manufacturer, version, and date of the BIOS that is running on this machine? Award Software Bios- Manufacturer Award Medallion Bios v6.0 – Version Date – 1/1/2002 2. What key do you need to use to enter the CMOS edit utility? Del Key is used to enter CMOS edit Utility 3. You tried to cold-boot your three-year old computer this morning. You received a message on the screen, “Incorrect CMOS checksum” or “Bad CMOS Date/Time.” What was the most likely cause for this error? There is a Battery which keeps the track of time (clock running) when computer is is off, and also maintains the CMOS memory which holds the BIOS settings. The most likely cause to receive that error would be that the battery is dying or is already dead. Replacing the battery will fix the problem. 4. What is the FSB (Front Side Bus) speed on this motherboard? Why is the FSB important? The board has a changeable Front Side Bus frequency from 100 to 200 MHz in 1MHz steps. The FSB bus communicates through with components though the computer’s chipset. The FSB channels data from the chipsets to the CPU. So the speed
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Harsh Patel of FSB is really important since, the faster the FSB is the Faster the CPU will receive the data it needs. 5. Your PC requires a BIOS update. Where do you go to get the BIOS Update and how do you determine the correct file and version for your particular computer? You go to the manufacturer’s website to get the bios update. To determine the
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Lab 2 Lab Report - Harsh Patel 62Lab 2 Lab Report Major...

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