Lab 7 - Lab 7 Windows XP Virtual Machine OS Load Lab Report...

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Lab 7 – Windows XP Virtual Machine OS Load Lab Report Student Name: Harsh Patel Due: online beginning of Lab 8 Each question is worth 5 points. Activity 1 Questions: 1. Where in Windows can you set the default Operating system to startup and the time before the default OS is chosen? (2 possibilities). a.) (first possibility is System Setup under control panel)Open System in Control Panel. On the Advance tab, under Startup and Recovery , click Settings . Then under System startup , in the Default operating system list, click the operating system you want to start when you turn on or restart the computer. And then select the Display list of operating system for check box, and then type the number of seconds you want the list displayed before the default operating starts automatically. b.) The other way to do that is to manually edit the boot.ini file. 2. Why do we partition the hard drive and how do you determine the correct size to make the partition? Free space on a hard disk must be partitioned before it can be used by an operating system. Creating a partition reserves a physical portion of the hard drive space for use as a logical drive, or volume that the operating system can refer too. We can have a single monster partition or we can also have more than one partition can a single drive. There are many reasons for having more than one partition and one scenario would be that we could have one partition just for the operating system and another one for all the personal data, so when the operating system gets corrupt and we need to format that partition all of our data is safe on the other partition. Another scenario would be we want to have 2 or more operating systems on the same drive and each operating system needs one partition for itself. If you want to create more than one partition the correct size or what size you want to create partitions is completely up to you. But if you want to install an operating system make sure you check out the recommended or minimal storage space requirement for that particular operating system. And also make sure that
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Lab 7 - Lab 7 Windows XP Virtual Machine OS Load Lab Report...

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