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COMM110- Assignment 1

COMM110- Assignment 1 - preparations and s speaking...

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Harsh Patel Assignment 1 COMM110-ER6 Chapter 1 1. Similarities between public speaking and daily conversation. 2. Feeling nervous is normal. 3. Seven Elements: Speaker, message, channel, listener, feedback, interference, and situation. 4. Whatever the speaker communicates is a message. 5. Diversity: Different cultural, racial, and ethical backgrounds. Chapter 12 1. Speech delivery is important. 2. Four methods of delivering speech: - Manuscript, Memorizing, Speaking without
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Unformatted text preview: preparations, and s speaking extemporaneously 3. Voice effectiveness: Volume, Pitch, rate etc. 4. Dress appropriately 5. Bodily movements enhance your message. Chapter 14 1. Ability to convey knowledge. 2. Four categories: - Objects, processes, events and concepts. 3. How to organize different types of speeches. 4. Avoid being too technical. 5. Make the informative speech interesting and meaningful....
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