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Harsh Patel COMM110 Information Speech Reflecting Paper I decided to do my informative speech on Coca-Cola I chose Coca-Cola because of its popularity and its awesome history, Coke is not only a delicious and reforesting soft drink but it also gives back to the community in by many different ways. I organized the speech chronologically because since I was going to talk about the history of Coca-Cola organizing it chronologically made perfect sense and I felt that it would be easier to do than spacial organization. I also decided to incorporate a PowerPoint slide because I believe that the visual content brings more attention to the audience and just in case if I forget when was Coca-Cola invented I could just have a quick glance at the Power Point slide. In my introduction I told the audience to close their eyes and feel the first- time they drank something that tasted delicious and refreshing.
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Unformatted text preview: I decided not to ask them to think about the taste of Coke because I wanted to keep that part from them for that moment. I also knew some of the audience would start thinking about soft drinks as soon as I pop the question. Then I gave them my central idea. At the near of the end I asked if anyone had any questions and one of my audience did have a question and I answered him back with an answer. I let them know that now the speech is just about get done and I gave my conclusion. I also felt that I had a strong conclusion. There are many things I would have done different the next time the first thing would be that I would like to research the product more thoroughly and also try to remember and memorize as much information as I could and rely less on the PowerPoint. I would also like to spend some more time on the power point to make it more visually appealing....
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