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Harsh Patel COMM110 5/14/10 Outside Speaker Reaction Paper The speech that I evaluated was very intriguing to me, it was about deforestation. For some the topic might not be that important in their lives. The individual that I evaluated was a environmentalist and had a very strong opinionated speech about the tropical and rainforest deforestation around the world. The speech started very firmly and was very brief engulfed with the main point the actual plot and the theme of what was about to be presented. Additionally, following the introduction was the actual elaboration of the subject had series of supporting topics that were representing by the sub main points that the individual had selected to support this speech. The speech had an cause and effect organization that the deforestation has on the planet. The body or the “beef “of the speech was very informative with where, how and what
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Unformatted text preview: deforestation is doing to the very environment that we live in. Furthermore, as the speech went on, the main idea that could be drawn from the speech was the personal opinion supported with plenty of facts that the presenter had throughout the speech, the individual was very passionate and the speech was very gruesome and the details were hard to ignore with all the facts that he presented. In conclusion, his conclusion was very vague and was more opinionated than the actual information that was supporting the main points. Also, the thesis was not included in the conclusion. But after the speech was presented, it was an eye opener to me and I started to realize how much us as humans are effecting our environment around us. In the end, I believe that the speech was effective it only had a bad conclusion to it everything else was very organized and contained facts....
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