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Harsh Patel Assignment 2 COMM110-ER6 Chapter 4 1. Best to choose a subject you know well. 2. The Four Brainstorming procedures. (Personal inventory, Clustering, Reference of Ideas, Internet) 3. General purpose: Inform or to persuade. 4. Specific purpose statement. 5. Central idea refines and sharpens the specific purpose. Chapter 6 1. Many recourses are available: - Library, Internet or interviewing other people. 2. Important to evaluate the authorship, sponsoring organization, and the recency of the material. 3. Cite the sources clearly in the bibliography and in the speech itself. 4. Keep a preliminary bibliography and keep track of all the resources.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Gathering material is the most creative part of the speech preparation. Chapter 7 1. Strong supporting material is required to bolster the speakers point of view. 2. 3 Basic type of supporting material: - example, statistics, and testimony. 3. 3 types of examples: - Brief example, extended example, and hypothetical example, 4. Statistics are very helpful in supporting the message. Make sure to take it from a reliable source. 5. Quote or paraphrase accurately and to cite qualified, unbiased sources....
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