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Harsh Patel Assignment 3 COMM110-ER6 Chapter 8 1. Clear organization is vital to speech making. 2. Speeches should be organized strategically: - Introduction, body and conclusion. 3. Determine the main points: no more than two to five main points. 4. Chronological order, directional pattern, casual order, topical order and problem solution order. 5. Supporting material are the backup ideas for the main points. Chapter 9 1. Speeches need strong introductions and conclusions. 2. Four objectives with your introduction. 3. State the topic clearly. (Don’t make the audience confused about the topic) 4. Always a good idea to alert the audience that the speech is about to get finished.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Reinforce the central idea in the conclusion. Chapter 10 1. Outlines make sure that the speech’s structure is coherent. 2. 2 kinds of outline: detailed preparation outline and brief speaking outline. 3. In preparation outline you state your specific purpose and central idea. 4. Speaking outline consists of brief notes to help the speaker during the speech. 5. Speaking outline should contain keywords and or phrases to job your memory, as well as key a statistics and quotations. Make sure to keep the outline as brief as possible....
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