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Patelharsh - Assignment 4

Patelharsh - Assignment 4 - 1 track of the speaker’s...

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Harsh Patel Assignment 4 COMM110-ER6 Chapter 3 1. Most people are poor listeners. 2. Important causes of poor listening are physical and mental distractions. 3. Our thoughts wander instead of concentrating on the details. 4. Steps to overcome poor listening habits:- Commit yourself to become a better listener. Be an active listener. Resist distractions. Don’t be diverted by appearance or delivery. Don’t judge the speech until it is over. Focus on main points, evidence, and speaker’s technique. Develop note taking skills. 5. Note taking is a good way to improve keeping the concentration on the speech and it also keeps
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Unformatted text preview: 1 track of the speaker’s main-points and ideas. Chapter 5 1. Good speakers are audience-centered. 2. Study the audience and adapt the speech directly to their beliefs and interest. 3. Two stages: - Undertake a demographic audience analysis. Secondly conduct a situational audience analysis. Harsh Patel Assignment 4 COMM110-ER6 4. Adapt the speech and make it clear and convincing for the listeners. 5. Anticipate questions and objections, and try to prepare for the questions in advance....
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