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Group 10 Final Group Paper INTG H01 PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) With many animals left abandoned, they must fend for themselves in ailing elements, and face a high risk of death. That is why, more than ever, shelters need help from their communities to house these innocents. Still, ones that do find their way to a shelter are often overlooked, and the growing pet population forces most shelters to euthanize the animals in order to make room for younger occupants. Six to eight million animals enter shelters each year, and it is estimated that over four million cats and dogs are euthanized in that same amount of time. The fact that death as a result of pet overpopulation is highly common is truly heartbreaking and unnecessary. Animals should have the right to live and find permanent homes and families. The Philadelphia Animal Welfare society was founded in 2002. PAWS, The Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, was established with the goal of achieving the public’s desire to see Philadelphia become a no-kill city where all unwanted, abandoned or orphaned healthy or treatable animals will find loving adoptive homes. Where most shelters euthanize, PAWS, the
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Group 10 Final Group Paper INTG H01 Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, does not. It is the only shelter located in Philadelphia that has a no-kill policy. All treatable animals are given the chance to find a home and live out their well deserved lives. The donations collected for the PAWS organization aid in adoption and foster care, vaccination, spay/neuter surgeries, and food for these animals. These vaccinations keep the animals healthy, and the surgical procedures lessen the severity of
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PAWS_GroupPaper_Group10 - Group 10 Final Group Paper INTG...

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