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Persuasive speech outline- Harsh Patel

Persuasive speech outline- Harsh Patel - and the world’s...

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Persuasive Speech: WWF (World Wildlife Fund) Please use bullets and/or sentences to let me know the information you are intending to put into  each of the five steps…. .be as comprehensive as you can be…. Attention:   Every single day animals and plant species are becoming extinct.  Today, I would like to encourage you to get involved in saving the  nature world by Donating to WWF. Need:  More and more plants and animals are becoming endangered every year. Need of more approaches to use renewable natural resources. Satisfaction: An organization like WWF can help to against the causes. With Scientific and Economic analysis they find out what industries are  harming the environment. For e.g.: fishing, and logging. Conserve the largest tropical rain forests, the most diverse coral reefs, 
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Unformatted text preview: and the world’s most endangered species. Promote more efficient use of resources and energy and the maximum reduction of pollution. By 2020 WWF will conserve 19 of the world's most important natural places and significantly change global markets to protect the future of nature. • Visualization: It has been in existence for more than 45 years. The world’s leading conservation organization. WWF works in 100 countries. Supported by 1.2 million members in the United States and close to 5 million globally. Ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature. • Action: Donate Become a member Adopt a Species World Wildlife Fund. 05/15/2010 <http://www.worldwildlife.org/home.html>....
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Persuasive speech outline- Harsh Patel - and the world’s...

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