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POL 130 Introduction to International Relations Midterm Review I. Introduction - 3 principles of international politics - “International Relations” - 4 broad categories of problems in IR II. Social Science Theory (Chapter 1) - Dependent and independent variables - Assumptions - Hypotheses - Attributes of a good theory - Testing theories: case studies, selection bias, probabilistic theories III. Social Science Tools (reading available on Blackboard) - Rational choice - Decision theory o Utility o Subjective probability o Expected Utility o Lessons from Expected Utility - Game Theory o Elements of a Game o Strategy o Nash Equilibrium o Extensive vs. Strategic Form Games o Backwards Induction o Lessons from Game Theory - Preferences/ preference ordering - Rationality - Constraints - Outcomes vs. Choices IV. Structural Theories (Chapter 2) A. Realism - Classical Realism - The Security Dilemma B. Neorealism (Structural Realism)
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Unformatted text preview: -5 Assumptions of neorealism-3 Hypotheses of neorealism-Problems/Limitations of neorealism (whether hypotheses follow logically from the assumptions; other critiques/issues)-Empirical evidence concerning neorealism -Essential/Inessential states C. Liberal Cooperation Theory/Neo-liberal Institutionalism-Norms-Regimes-Interdependence-Collective Action Problems o Tragedy of the Commons/ Common Pool Resource Problem o Public Goods Problem (and free riding)-Prisoners’ Dilemma o Why it’s a “dilemma”? (Pareto inferior vs. Pareto optimal)-Hegemony-Repeated Interaction o Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma o The Shadow of the Future-Critiques of liberal cooperation theory D. Marxism E. Structural Accounts of the Causes of War-Balance of Power Theory-Power Transition Theory (Organski reading)...
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Midterm%201%20Review%20Sheet - -5 Assumptions of...

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