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POL 130 Simonelli Introduction to International Relations Midterm Practice Problems 1. Calculate the Expected Utilities for Choice A and B. Choice Possible Outcome Utility Probability Expected Utility A A1 10 0.5 A2 5 0.3 A3 2 0.2 B B1 100 0.1 B2 0 0.9 What choice should a rational actor make? Why? 2. Say a state has a utility of 100 for peace (the status quo), and a utility of 500 for winning a war, but losing the war would be very bad, so the state has a utility of -1000 for losing. Say the state is equal in strength to the opposing state, so its probability of winning the war is 0.5. Is it rational for the state to attack? Suppose the state undergoes a military buildup. It is now much stronger than the other state, and there is now a .75 chance of winning. Could the state rationally attack now? 3. Identify the Nash Equilibrium for each of the following games: a) b) State B C D State A C (5,8) (4,3) D (0,10) (6,7) c) State B C D State B C D State A C (5,5) (0,10) D (10,0) (1,1)
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Practice%20Problems%20for%20Midterm - POL 130 Introduction...

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