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Ecological Systems Theory The microsystem - this is the layer closest to the individual and contains the structures with which the individual has direct contact. The microsystem encompasses the relationships and interactions a child has with her immediate surroundings Examples of structures in this system include: The mesosystem – this layer provides the connection between the structures of the individual’s microsystem. Examples of this include: The Exosystem – this layer defines the larger social system in which the individual does not function directly. The structures in this layer impact the child’s development by interacting with
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Unformatted text preview: some structure in her microsystem. Examples of this include: The marcosystem – this layer may be considered the outermost layer in the individual’s environment. This layer is comprised of cultural values, customs, and laws. The chronosystem – this system encompasses the dimension of time as it relates to an individual’s environments. Elements within this system can be either external, such as the timing of a parent’s death, or internal, such as the physiological changes that occur with the aging of a child....
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