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guiding%20questions%20Baca%20Zinn%20and%20Wells - Baca Zinn...

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Compare Baca Zinn and Wells’ critiques of research on Latino families to critiques we have read and discussed regarding critiques of research on African American families. Baca Zinn and Wells discuss four economic and demographic “upheavals.” What are they? What variables make the analysis of the Latino family complex?
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Unformatted text preview: Baca Zinn and Wells describe a common assumption many hold with respect to the immigrant narrative. What is it, and how well does it apply to Latino immigrants? (p. 256) Provide brief sketches of the national-origin groups these authors discuss: their similarities and differences. Explain the concept of “familism.”...
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guiding%20questions%20Baca%20Zinn%20and%20Wells - Baca Zinn...

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