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Diversity within African American Families Guiding Questions What proportion of African American families did you think were poor, single-parent, inner-city families before you read Taylor? What is the correct answer, for 1986? Theoretical Approaches: Describe Frazier’s thesis on the history of the African American family. What are its strengths? Weaknesses? Theoretical Approaches: Describe the Moynihan Report and the response it generated. Contemporary African American Family Patterns:
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Unformatted text preview: What are some of the current trends of African American families? What are some of the explanations offered by the research? Family Structure & Family Dynamics: What were some of Lewis’s findings regarding socialization (child-rearing) of African American children? African American Families, Social Change and Public Policy: List some of the criticisms of US family policy and suggestions for improvement with respect to easing the strain on African-American families....
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