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Modern MENA 13 January 2011 The Barbary Wars I. The Barbary Wars, 1801-1805 and 1814-1815 A. Defining the Issues: Were Corsairs pirates or privateers? B. US Goals in Barbary Wars 1. Explicit Goals a. To Free American Captives b. To Create Permanent Solution to “Piracy” 2. Indirect Goals Determined by Hindsight (20-20) a. To Expand Powers of Federal Gov’t b. To Establish Role of Military in Foreign Policy c. To Unite and Consolidate Americans d. To Define World Economic System e. To Improve Relations w/ European Powers C. The Outcomes of the War 1. Intentional a. US Freed Captives
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Unformatted text preview: b. US Failed to Create Permanent Solution to “Piracy” 2. Unintentional a. Inc’d US Influence in Int’l Arena b. Defined US Identity and Inc’d Nat’list Feelings D. Precedents Est’d during Barbary Wars 1. Primary a. War Waged for Extremely Limited Objective b. War Fought for Questionable Nat’l Interest c. War w/out Formal Declaration of War 2. Secondary a. US Desire to Spread American Values (Economic Liberty) b. US Belief that Overwhelming Firepower Is Key c. US Involvement in Internal Affairs of Other Countries...
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