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Modern MENA Colonial Algeria 20 January and 1 February 2011 I. French Conquest and Local Resistance to It A. Chronological Overview, 1830-1871 1. The French conquest of Algiers, 1830 2. Abd el Kader’s Resistance , 1835-1847 3. The Kabylie Insurrection , 1871 B. Characteristics of Colonization 1. Total War (aka “ Pacification ”): Brutality of Colonial Encounter 2. Establishing Political System: 1. Direct Rule 2. Policy of Assimilation 3. Cf. Indirect Rule and Policy of Association in Morocco 3. Algeria’s Relationship w/ France and Frenchmen 1. Settler Colony ( Pieds Noirs ) 2. Administrative Department of France II. Non-Military Mechanisms of Colonial Control, 1871-1919 A. Political Policy: Foster and Maintain Colonial Hierarchy 1. Legal Inequality (Expropriation, Code de l’Indigènat ) 2. Judicial Inequality 3. Fiscal Inequality
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Unformatted text preview: B. Social Policy: Divide and Rule (Berbers vs. Arabs) C. Cultural Policy 1. Religion 2. Education III. Algerian Demands for Integration (Nascent Nationalism) A. 1 st Wave, 1890s 1. Vieux Turbans 2. Young Algerians (New Social Classes Want Inc’d Role) B. Passage of Jonnart Law, 1919 C. 2 nd Wave, 1920s 1. Federation des Elus Indigènes (Ferhat Abbas) 2. Islamic Reform Movement (Shaykh Abd al-Hamid ben Badis) 3. Etoile Nord-Africaine (Messali Hadj) D. Defeat of Blum-Violette Bill , 1936-1938: From Integration to Separation IV. Algiers (1938): French Representations of Algerians A. Orientalism as a Colonial Perception B. The Political Implications of Cultural Perspectives C. Casbah (Algerian Quarters) vs. Ville Nouvelle (French Quarters)...
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  • Algeria, MENA Colonial Algeria, Abd el Kader, Fiscal Inequality B., Maintain Colonial Hierarchy, I. French Conquest

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