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1 First Aid Kit List Put all of these items in a plastic container or box. You must bring it with you to class 1/25/08. You may buy a pre-assembled kit, but it must have ALL of the items listed. (10) adhesive bandages, various sizes. (5) sterile gauze pads, various sizes (2) 3 inch conforming roller gauze bandage (2) roller bandages (Ace bandage) (2) triangular bandages (1) waterless alcohol-based hand sanitizer
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Unformatted text preview: (4) antiseptic wipes (2) pair latex or non-latex gloves (5) Cotton balls (5) Q-tips Adhesive tape, 1" width Anti-bacterial ointment Scissors (small, personal) Tweezers Optional: Instant Hot/Cold pack Aspirin and/or nonaspirin pain reliever Anti-diarrhea medication Antacid (rolaids or tums) Sterile eyewash Petroleum jelly Thermometer First Aid Kit is due in class 1/25/2008...
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