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HK 280 Midterm Information The midterm will be Wednesday February 27th. It will have 60 questions at 1 point per piece. They will be approximately distributed as follows: Topics Questions Intro to emergency medicine/ legal issues (C: 1, 2) 3 Victim Assessment (C: 3) 2 Bleeding and Shock (C: 6) 5 Soft-Tissue Injuries (C: 7) 4 Injuries to the Face, Eye, and Throat
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Unformatted text preview: (C: 8) 4 Injuries to the Chest Abdomen, and Genitalia (C: 9) 3 Bandaging (C: 10) 4 Musculoskeletal Injuries (C: 11) 4 Common Sport and Recreational Injuries (C: 12) 3 Head and Spine Injuries (C: 13) 3 BLS, Adult, Child, & Infant CPR and Choking (C: 3-5) (AHA) 15 AED, Cardiovascular & Stroke Emergencies (C: 16) (AHA) 10...
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