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practicalskillsreview - Head and Spine Injuries(C 13-First...

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1 Skills Check List (make sure you are familiar with all of the concepts below) Introduction, What is First Aid (C: 1) - Scene assessment Body systems, Victim Assessment (C: 2, 3) -Assessing a victim (ABCDs) BLS, Adult, Child and Infant CPR & Choking (C: 3-5 & AHA) - head-tilt/chin lift (AHA) Bleeding and Shock (C: 6) -Controlling bleeding -First Aid for shock Soft Tissue Injuries (C: 7) -First Aid for impaled object -First Aid for laceration -First Aid for Amputation Injuries to the Face, Eye, and Throat (C: 8) -Object lodged in the eyeball -First Aid for knocked out teeth Injuries to the Chest, Abdomen, and Genitalia (C: 9) -First Aid for broken ribs -First Aid for chest wound -First Aid for evisceration Musculoskeletal Injuries (C: 11) -First Aid for sprain -First Aid for a strain -First Aid for a dislocation -First Aid for a broken bone Common Sport and Recreational Injuries (C: 12) -First Aid for broken clavicle -First Aid for dislocated patella
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Unformatted text preview: Head and Spine Injuries (C: 13)-First Aid for spinal injury Poisoning Emergencies (C: 14)-First aid for ingested poisons-First aid for inhaled poisons-First aid for absorbed poisons Drug & Alcohol Emergencies (C: 15)-First aid for drug and alcohol emergencies-First aid for alcohol poisoning BLS, Cardiovascular & Stroke Emergencies (C: 16 & AHA)-First Aid for stroke victim-First Aid for heart attack Respiratory (C: 17)-First Aid for an asthma attack-First Aid for status asthmaticus Diabetic (C: 18)-Managing a diabetic emergency Seizures and Fainting (C: 20)-First aid for fainting-First aid for seizures Bites and Stings (C: 23)-First Aid for anaphylactic shock Burn Emergencies (C: 24)-First Aid for burns Heat and Cold Emergencies (C: 25)-First Aid for heatstroke-First Aid for heat Exhaustion-First Aid for heat Cramps-First Aid for hypothermia-First Aid for frostbite...
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practicalskillsreview - Head and Spine Injuries(C 13-First...

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