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soc 100 - How do sociologists do research research Friday...

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Unformatted text preview: How do sociologists do research? research? Friday, August 24 Friday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Common Sense vs. Science Common “Day after day social scientists go out Day into the world. Day after day they discover that people’s behavior is pretty much what you’d expect.” –Cullen Murphy Murphy Common Sense vs. Science Common Is it more true that… OR…. Too many cooks spoil the pot The pen is mightier than the sword You can’t teach an old dog new tricks He who hesitates is lost Two heads are better than one Actions speak louder than words With age comes wisdom You should look before you leap Quantitative vs Qualitative Quantitative Sociologists typically define themselves Sociologists according to four criteria: according 1. 2. 3. 4. Are you more teaching or research? What topics do you study? What theoretical perspective do you use? Do you use QUANTITATIVE or Do QUALITATIVE methods? Quantitative Analysis Quantitative Data is gathered through: Surveys (people; closed-ended ?s) Content Analysis (objects) Statistics are used to analyze data: Descriptive (what do I see?) Inferential (what does it imply?) Quantitative Analysis Quantitative Qualitative Analysis Qualitative Data is gathered through: Interviews (people; open-ended ?s) Participant Observation (environments) Data analyzed through: Descriptive (what do I see?) Inferential (what does it imply?) Qualitative Qualitative Analysis •Differs from quantitative in that Differs the theory comes at the end, rather than the beginning rather •Also is more circular in process; Also whereas quantitative is linear whereas •Qualitative analysis has the Qualitative variables emerge from the research process; quantitative has the variables emerge from the hypotheses. the Quantitative vs Qualitative Quantitative Qualitative Inductive Interpretive Insider’s perspective Explanatory Environmental Words Quantitative Deductive Positivist Outsider’s perspective Confirmatory Formulaic Numbers ...
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