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FOct12 - What are the consequences of Social Class of...

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Unformatted text preview: What are the consequences of Social Class? of Friday, October 12 What is social class? What Education Occupational prestige Wealth Assets – debt There is more inequality in wealth than in income Wealth is more enduring than income Provides what Weber calls “life chances” What are “Life Chances”? What Opportunities Inheritance Health mortality rates Children’s physical development Why? Some common theories: Health care is not a right in the U.S., but rather a commodity for sale Lower class lifestyle less healthy (fatty food, drugs, alcohol, Lower sedentary, unsafe sex) sedentary, Rich lifestyle less problematic and provides more resources to deal Rich with problems that do arise with What are “Life Chances”? What Education Enrollment in preschool vs. daycare Access to information about colleges Access to private schools, tutors Schools socialize students into their future social class New study questions impact of private schooling: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071010/ap_on_re_us/public_priva What else differs by social class? What Religion Expressive vs. subdued worship Unitarian Universalism’s class problem: Unitarian http://www.uuworld.org/ideas/articles/36467.shtml http://www.uuworld.org/ideas/articles/36467.shtml Divorce Births to single mothers Family Life Why are there these differences? Why Explaining Social Stratification Explaining Meritocracy Myth People get what they want out of life Success goes to those who work for it Hinges on 2 assumptions Different social classes have different cultures, passed Different on through socialization on Lower class culture is incompatible with success Ex: Oscar Lewis, Culture of Poverty Ex: Culture Cultural Explanations Explaining Social Stratification Explaining Structural explanations The poor have limited access to opportunities Differences in culture are consequences of social Differences consequences class, rather than causes causes Ex: Jonathan Kozol, Savage Inequalities Ex: Savage Pygmalion Effect – teachers’ expectations Pygmalion influence students’ performances influence Can we all succeed? Can HARD WORK HARD WORK HARD WORK Social Mobility Three Types of Social Mobility Intergenerational Children in different social class than parents Structural Changes in occupational structure (industrialization) Immigration Birth rates Exchange Members of different social classes ‘trade positions’ Poverty Who are Poor? Microsoft Image Geography Race-Ethnicity Education Sex Age ...
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