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Unformatted text preview: What is feminism? What Friday October 19 Changing Face of Politics Women Majority in Population, but Women underrepresented in law, business, and politics politics Microsoft Images Role conflict - Irregular Hours Incompatible Role with Role as Mother with Male role strain – good husband is not Male typically considered to be taking on the role of supportive spouse of Men less likely to incorporate women into Men decision making decision Discrimination and ‘isms’ Discrimination Discrimination is an act – unfair treatment Discrimination directed at someone directed Discrimination based on an ‘ism’ (racism, sexism, Discrimination heterosexism) is a special case heterosexism) Gender discrimination is, in our society, against men It isn’t sexism unless it reflects institutional patterns of It discrimination discrimination Basically, the discriminatory act or prejudiced attitude Basically, is an ism if it comes from the dominant group and is directed at a minority group directed Discrimination and ‘isms Discrimination Sociologists take this into account because Sociologists discriminatory acts have different impacts for minorities than for the dominant group minorities Power differences matter, and should be taken into account Often, such acts and attitudes directed at the majority group Often, are acts of resistance resistance Research suggests that when rights and privileges are Research extended to members of minority groups, members of the dominant group perceive their loss of advantage as loss discrimination. Anyone surprised that it’s the white male who gets to keep his clothes on? male Feminism Feminism There is no one definition In general, feminism is: The view that biology is not destiny The view that stratification by gender is wrong The view that society is stratified by gender Taking an active stand against the situation Taking Types of feminism Types Radical Feminism Liberal Feminism Socialist Feminism Cultural Feminism Ecofeminism Radical Feminism Radical Oppression is the result of the patriarchal Oppression capitalist structure capitalist All forms of oppression stem from male All dominance dominance Women cannot achieve equality through Women individual action within the current system, since it is the system that is flawed since Liberal Feminism Liberal Equality through political and legal reform Individualist and assertions of autonomy Women can individually assert their equality Women through their own actions and choices, as long as the law does not work against them the Inequality is dysfunctional because it deprives Inequality society of potential labor and achievements society Oppression is a result of gender socialization Socialist Feminism Socialist Based on Marx’s ideas regarding labor Women are exploited labor Sexism is a form of rewarding the working class Sexism male male Women’s work is less valued because it does not Women’s produce exchangeable goods produce Cultural Feminism Cultural There are fundamental differences between There men and women men Women are oppressed because our society Women does not value the feminine (emotion, caring, gentleness, love of children) gentleness, The way to end oppression is to give equal The weight to women’s contributions to society weight Gender and Violence Gender Friday October 19 Figure 10.8: Killers and Their Victims Source: Statistical Abstract 2003: Tables 310, 325 Gender and Violence Gender Men are more likely to be killed Men Men are also more likely to be the killer Women are more likely to be abused Women are more likely to be raped Women Rape Rape When is it rape? _r=1&adxnnl=1&oref=slogin&adxnnlx=1191773144BCwKlGD55ufw4h74Tv6Kog The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that 1 in 5 college women The will be raped at some point during a five-year college career; that about 9 out of 10 times, the victim will know her assailant; and that half of all victims will not call what happened rape. Cosmo blows up the feminist blogs Cosmo Is there such a thing as ‘gray rape’? A Howard student is suing the University for negligence and medical Howard malpractice because she said she was raped and denied proper care at GW Hospital because she allegedly appeared intoxicated Rape Rape “The opposite of rape is not consent. The The opposite of rape is enthusiasm” Hugo Schwyzer Schwyzer “Would you feel responsible if someone hit Would you over the head with a shovel – just because you knew the person?” you “No means no” When I was 20 years old, I had a car accident that could have gone very, When very badly. I was on a long drive back to West Texas from Austin for Christmas. When a squirrel jumped in front of my car, I pulled the wheel before I really had a chance to think about it, and since I was on the narrowest part of the journey, on a two-lane highway with no shoulders on the side of the road, I immediately hit dirt at 75 mph and began to spin out of control across the highway. I hit a road sign on the other side, which levered my car straight up into the air, god only knows how far, but it was enough that it started spinning. And I thought as I was hanging upside down in the air,** “This is how people die.” But the car kept spinning. Enough that it didn’t a 180 but a 360 and I But kept landed on all four tires. Not dead. Not even hurt. The car was fucked up but the only inside-the-cab damage was a few bows flying off presents. I was so relieved to be alive that “traumatized” wasn’t even in the ballpark of feelings. I was fine. In fact, I felt guilty about how fine I felt, how relieved it wasn’ as bad as it could have been. relieved It was still a car accident. ...
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