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MNov4 - How do sociologists approach the study of education...

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Unformatted text preview: How do sociologists approach the study of education? education? Monday, November 4 Education in Global Education Perspective Perspective Credential Societies - Diplomas Determine Credential Job Eligibility Job Diplomas Serve as Sorting Devices Education Related to Nation’s Economy A nation’s education reflects its culture Education in the Education Industrialized Nations Industrialized Education in Japan Emphasis on Solidarity within Emphasis Group Group Nationally controlled lesson Nationally plans plans Discourages Competition Discourages among Individuals among Microsoft Images Education in the Education Industrializing Nations Industrializing Education in Russia Education, including College Education, was Free was Microsoft Images Focus on rote memory Capitalism as evil State curriculum Post-Soviet Russians are Post-Soviet “Reinventing” Education “Reinventing” Focus on critical thought Capitalism is good Private schools pop up Education in the Least Industrialized Nations Industrialized Education in Egypt Mandatory Attendance Laws that Exist are Not Mandatory Enforced Enforced Unindustrialized nations can’t support widespread Unindustrialized education education There is less need for education Microsoft Images Most people farm or take care of children Most Cannot Afford Education 1/3 of men and ½ women illiterate 1/3 Functionalist Perspective Providing Social Benefits Manifest vs. Latent Functions Teaching Knowledge and Skills Cultural Transmission of Values Social Integration Microsoft Images Gatekeeping Conflict Perspective Perpetuating Social Inequality The Hidden Curriculum Teaching conformity, obedience, and patriotism Not emphasizing ‘proper’ English in inner-city Not schools schools Tilting the Tests: Discrimination by IQ Stacking the Deck: Unequal Funding Public schools are funded by property taxes Symbolic Interactionist Symbolic Perspective Perspective Fulfilling Teacher Expectations The Rist Research Social class and perceptions of intelligence Self-fulfilling prophesy Girls and Asian-Americans often get better Girls grades, even if their tests scores match other groups groups Grades are about more than learning and Grades intelligence intelligence George Farkas and Teacher Expectations Problems in U.S. Problems Education? Education? Rising Tide of Mediocrity? Cheating on SATs? Grade Inflation, Social Promotion, Functional Grade Illiteracy? Illiteracy? The Influence of Peer Groups? Violence in Schools? Solutions: Safety and Solutions: Standards? Standards? Secure Learning Environment? Higher Standards? Microsoft Images ...
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