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MOct1 - What is race/ethnicity and how is it determined is...

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Unformatted text preview: What is race/ethnicity and how is it determined? is Monday, October 1 Monday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Myth: Race is Biological Myth: James Crow (2002) defends the legitimacy of identifying races in humans. James In the publication of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, Daedalus, he comments: Daedalus he "Whenever an institution or society singles out individuals who are exceptional or outstanding in some way, racial differences will become more apparent. That fact may be uncomfortable, but there is no way around it." In support of this notion, rather than citing scientific evidence, he gave as In an example a social phenomenon: the overrepresentation of African Americans in track and field, and their under-representation in physics and engineering, relative to Asian Americans. His exact comment was: "A stopwatch is color-blind." Reality: Race is Social Reality: at the DNA level we can clearly tell the females at from the males (due to the genetic differences in the X and Y chromosomes), but we cannot identify the race of the individual. identify What is Tiger Wood’s race? (white, black, What Indian, Asian) Indian, Can a plane ride change your race? (p 225) Reality Reality Race is a label we use to describe Race perceived biological characteristics. perceived Our race depends on who is doing the Our classifying. classifying. Studies on adolescents find that a significant Studies number of them will claim multiracial heritage if given the option, even when their parents do not. parents Ethnicity Ethnicity People use race to refer to (supposed) biology and People ethnicity to refer to culture ethnicity Ethnicity is more easily achieved, whereas race is Ethnicity achieved whereas typically ascribed ascribed Ethnicity is different than nationality The United States focuses more on race than ethnicity The than do most countries than What is the difference between “black” and “African What American”? American”? What is your race? What is your ethnicity? http://www.pbs.org/race/000_About/002_04-experts-03-02.htm Awesome Race Websites Awesome http://www.pbs.org/race/000_General/000_0 http://www.understandingrace.org/home.htm Why don't we just get rid of racial categories? categories? We need racial classification because our society is still unequal in terms of race. We does being White have the same meaning as being Black, Latino, or Native does American? Sociologist Andrew Hacker conducted an experiment in which he asked a group of Sociologist white college students if they would consider changing their race and living the rest of their lives as Black, and if so, how much compensation they thought was fair for making the change. The amount the students agreed upon was $50 million - $1 million per year for The the next 50 years. If all races are the same, why is compensation necessary? the Without data on different racial groups, how will we know if we're equal? Until race Without doesn't matter, we can't overlook its consequences. doesn't ...
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