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Unformatted text preview: What are the Levels of Analysis? Analysis? Monday, September 10 Monday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Levels of Analysis Levels Macro (culture, structure, institution) Meso (proximate location) Micro (social interaction, individual) Levels of Analysis Levels Macro Macro Micro Micro Macrosociology Macrosociology Focuses on broad features of society Focuses (economy, politics, status systems, religion) religion) Emphasis on influence of social structure Emphasis social on behavior (i.e., the framework that surrounds us, or the typical patterns of a group) group) Social Structure Social People learn certain behaviors and People attitudes because of their location in the social structure and act accordingly social “The differences in behavior and The attitudes are due not to biology (race, sex, or any other supposed genetic factors) but to people’s location in the social structure” (textbook p.86) social Social Institutions Social When stable sets of rules, statuses, When groups, or organizations provide a foundation for behavior in some major area of life, they are considered social institutions institutions “the organized, usual, or standard ways the by which society meets its basic needs” (textbook definition) (textbook Social Institutions Social Family Religion Education Economics Medicine Politics Law Science Military Mass Media Other Aspects of Social Structure Structure Culture- the broadest framework that Culturedetermines what type of people we become become Soci...
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