Become social class group of people sharing social

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Unformatted text preview: al Class- group of people sharing Social similar levels of income, education, and occupational prestige occupational Social Status- position someone Social occupies in a society or social group occupies More on Social Status More Status set- all the statuses a person Status occupies occupies Ascribed status- an involuntary status like Ascribed race, sex, daughter, teenager, senior citizen race, Achieved status- earned or accomplished Achieved statuses like friend, spouse, professor, student student Status inconsistency- when your statuses Status do not properly go together do More on Social Status Status Status symbols- signs Status which identify a person’s status status More on Social Status More Master status – a status that cuts across Master the other statuses an individual occupies: the Gender, race (but more so for women and Gender, minorities) minorities) A pilot vs. A female pilot pilot female A student vs. a Middle Eastern student student Middle People with disabilities often find their People disability becomes a master status disability...
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