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Unformatted text preview: How Do Sociologists Classify Groups? Classify Monday, September 17 Monday, Angie Andriot, Instructor These are NOT Groups These Aggregate: individuals who temporarily Aggregate: share the same physical space but don’t see themselves as belonging together see Waiting at the bus stop Category: people who share similar Category: characteristics but to not interact with one another or take one another into account account Women who paint their fingernails pink So what is a group? So Identity: People who think of themselves Identity: as belonging together as Interaction: People who take one another Interaction: into account into Identity + Interaction = Group Primary Groups Primary “Those characterized by intimate face-toface association and cooperation. The are face primary in several senses, but chiefly that they are fundamental in forming the social nature and ideals of the individual.” “The springs of life” –Cooley Essential to our emotional Essential wellbeing Sense of belonging Secondary Groups Secondary Larger Relatively temporary More anonymous Formal Impersonal Based on shared Based Secondary groups tend to break down into smaller primary groups interest or activity interest Members interact on basis of STATUSES Members and ROLES and Voluntary Associations Voluntary A special type of secondary group Organized based on mutual interest Religious Groups Professional Organizations Political Groups Ingroups and Outgroups Ingroups Ingroups and Outgroups Produce… Loyalty Sense of Superiority Rivalries http:// Social Implications Social Gender and racial-ethnic divisions Ingroup favoritism leads to biased perceptions Ingroup of outgroups of We tend to see traits of our ingroup as virtues, We but those same traits in an outgroup as vices but Assertion and gender,CST-NWS ...
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