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The Common Sense Test 1. T / F To change the way people act, you must first change their attitudes. 2. T / F The greater the reward promised for a boring activity, the more one will come to enjoy the activity. 3. T / F Most people rate themselves as below average when comparing themselves to others on socially desirable characteristics (such as attractiveness). 4. T / F Most people will disobey a person in authority who orders them to hurt a stranger. 5. T/ F In a debate, it is always to your advantage to be the last speaker instead of going first (you want the last word). 6. T / F People pull harder in a tug-of-war when they are part of a team than when they
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Unformatted text preview: are pulling by themselves. 7. T / F Groups will generally make more moderate decisions than a single individual will. 8. T / F Opposites attract. 9. T / F Absence makes the heart grow fonder. 10. T / F People are LESS likely to help another person when they are alone than when there is a group around. 11. T / F If you pick up a crying baby whenever it cries, this will increase the amount the baby will cry, so it can get picked up again. 12. T / F Children who grow up in a family with gay parents are more likely to become gay....
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