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Unformatted text preview: What are Subcultures and Countercultures?, cont. Countercultures?, Wednesday, August 29 Wednesday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Subculture or Counterculture? Subculture Countercultures Countercultures When a subculture contradicts When the beliefs and values of the dominant culture, it is called a counterculture counterculture Countercultures can be Countercultures subcultures centered around deviant values and activities, or they can be actively critical of the dominant culture What are the Values in U.S. Society? Society? Wednesday, August 29 Wednesday, Angie Andriot, Instructor American Values American Achievement and Achievement success success Individualism Activity and work Efficiency and Efficiency practicality practicality Science and Science technology technology Progress Material comfort Humanitarianism Humanitarianism Freedom Freedom Democracy Democracy Equality Equality Racism and group Racism superiority superiority Education Religiosity Religiosity Romantic Love Romantic Values as Blinders Values People have a tendency to believe that People their own values are indicative of what OUGHT to be everyone’s values…as taken-for-granted truths taken-for-granted What do most people think about slackers? What about slavery? Totalitarianism? Stupid people? Ideal versus Real Culture Ideal Ideal culture is what we cite as our Ideal values, goals, and norms. values, Real culture is what we actually do. This Real may seem hypocritical (and sometimes it is), but sometimes our ideals are just too difficult to live up to. Review of This Week Review What are the components of culture? Definition of culture Material versus Nonmaterial culture Ethnocentricism, cultural relativism, and “quality of life standards” Elements of symbolic culture Folkways, mores, and taboos What are subcultures and countercultures? Definition of subculture Definition of counterculture What are the values in US society? List values (you don’t have to agree with list) Ideal versus real culture On Friday: You will take an in-class practice exam Open note Open book Collaboration allowed You will grade yourself Turn in your exam for 5pts (1%) extra credit I will return them to you on Monday We will go over the answers in class ...
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