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Unformatted text preview: How do sociologists approach the study of religion? religion? Wednesday, November 7 What is Religion? Emile Durkheim said, “A religion is a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things.” sacred Three Elements of Three Religion Religion Beliefs that Some Things are Sacred Practices Centering on Things Considered Sacred Sacred A Moral Community Resulting from a Moral Group’s Beliefs and Practices Group’s The Functionalist The Perspective Perspective Functions of Religion Questions about Ultimate Meaning Social Solidarity Social Emotional Comfort Guidelines for Everyday Life Sometimes Spearheads Change The Functionalist The Perspective Perspective Dysfunctions of Religion Religious Persecution War and Terrorism Microsoft Images Symbolic Interactionist Symbolic Perspective Perspective Religious Symbols Rituals, Ceremonies, Rituals, Repetitive Practices Repetitive Beliefs - Cosmology Religious Experience Microsoft Images Born Again Conflict Perspective Marx’s Opium of the People Legitimization of Social Inequalities Social Arrangements Represent God’s Desires Divine Rights of Kings Pharaoh as God Hindu Cast System Microsoft Images Religion and the Spirit of Religion Capitalism Capitalism Weber - Religion Held the Key to Weber Modernization Modernization Protestant Ethic A Move away from Traditional Thrift Good Works Show Salvation Lead Moral Lives and Work Hard Lead Personal Duty to Make and Invest Money Spend Only on Necessities, Reinvest the Rest Types of Religious Types Groups Groups Cults Begin with Charismatic Leader Most Popular Religions Started this Way Most Cults Fail Loosely Organized and Fairly Small Emphasize Personal Salvation Sects Types of Religious Types Groups Groups Churches Highly Bureaucratized National and International Relationship with God Less Intense State Religions Part of Cultural Identification Ecclesia ...
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