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Unformatted text preview: What kinds of authority are there? are Wednesday, October 24 Politics: Establishing Leadership Politics: Every known society currently in existence has Every a system of leadership. If a society had no compulsory government or If central authority, it would be central an anarchy an anarchy Anarchists believe that govt Anarchists believe is harmful and unnecessary They also believe that people are fundamentally good Power, Authority, and Violence Power, Weber and legitimate vs. illegitimate authority Power is the ability to get people to do what they otherwise wouldn’t otherwise Is faking a punch to make someone flinch power? Authority is legitimate power legitimate Coercion is illegitimate power illegitimate Ex: mugger versus police officer, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6GxIuljT3w Some Motives for Obedience Some Involuntary: Fear, threats, coercion Material incentives (e.g. Material wages) wages) Habit, custom (e.g. Habit, kinship) kinship) Emotional bond to Emotional authority figure authority “Ideal” motives (e.g. Ideal” sacred precepts) sacred Voluntary: http://abcnews.go.com/Primetime/Story?id=1297922&page=1 Other Motives: Belief in the Legitimacy of Authority Legitimacy Traditional authority is based on… Belief in an ancient origin of authority Belief ancient Examples: priest, king, tribal chief, patriarchy (A) Charismatic authority is based on… Exceptional qualities of the leader Examples: war hero, prophet, moral exemplar (B) Legal-Rational authority is based on… Impersonal laws, rules, principles, offices Examples: bureaucracy, democracy (C) (A) Nez Perce Chief Joseph, 1890. (B) Rev. Billy Graham, ca. 1990s. (C) Justice S.D. O’Connor, ca. 2005. The “Threat” of Charismatic Leaders Leaders They speak of a special mission or calling Since they owe no allegiance to tradition or Since law, they often pose a threat to the established political order As such, established authority often opposes As charismatic leadership charismatic Charismatic authority can be used for positive Charismatic or negative change or Ex: Jesus, Hitler, Joan of Arc How Authority Structures Can Change Change 1. Traditional authority rests with leaders chosen by ancient custom or descent. chosen 2. A charismatic leader inspires a loyal charismatic following and overthrows tradition or law. following 3. But once the charismatic leader dies, But authority must become routinized as… routinized traditional authority OR as legal-rational authority as legal-rational Types of Government Types Illegitimate: Dictatorship – illegitimate power of one Dictatorship individual (coercion) individual Oligarchy – small group seizes power; Oligarchy illegitimate power of group (coercion) illegitimate Types of Government Types Legitimate: Monarchy – authority passed through family Monarchy line line Traditional authority Legal-rational authority Democracy – “power to the people” Democracy Two types of democracy Direct Direct More feasible in small groups Everyone gets together and votes on everything What the United States is Certain citizens vote as representatives of the population Representative Web 2.0 makes direct democracy possible in large societies But is that a good idea? New Zealand put its laws on a wiki New http://www.boingboing.net/2007/09/26/new-zealand-puts-its.html http://www.boingboing.net/2007/09/26/new-zealand-puts-its.html Citizenship Citizenship Citizenship means you officially belong to a Citizenship particular political community particular Birth (natural citizenship) Residence (naturalized citizenship) Citizenship gives you basic rights within your Citizenship political community political Universal citizenship –EVERYONE born in a Universal country has citizenship is relatively new country What about the 11 million who have NO citizenship? http://us.oneworld.net/article/view/153183/1/ The Terminal (movie) ...
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