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WSept12 - What are the Levels of Analysis cont Analysis...

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Unformatted text preview: What are the Levels of Analysis, cont? Analysis, Wednesday, September 12 Wednesday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Levels of Analysis Levels Macro (culture, structure, institution) Meso (proximate location) Micro (social interaction, individual) Levels of Analysis Levels Macro Macro Micro Micro Microsociology Microsociology Focuses on face-to-face interactions and Focuses individuals individuals Symbolic interactionism is an example of Symbolic microsociology microsociology Dramaturgy Dramaturgy h Social life is inherently theatrical e People—including professors, TA’s and People—including students—are viewed as “actors” who perform various roles perform e Roles are the behaviors, obligations, and Roles privileges attached to a status to e Roles lay out what is expected of you Role Performance Role Each role comes with its own Each expectations for appearance and behavior behavior We have some flexibility with regard to We how closely we follow these prescriptions how How we choose to enact our role is How called role performance role Role Performance Role Even though there is Even flexibility in the performance of a role, we want to perform it well we Impression management Impression refers to the techniques we use to control other’s views of us we If we botch a performance, we must engage in If face-saving behavior face-saving Role Issues Role Role conflict – when what is expected us Role in one status is incompatible with what is expected of us in another expected Role strain – when there are Role incompatible roles within the same status within Role distancing – when a person Role separates themselves from the role or de-emphasizes its importance Roles and Status Symbols Roles h Self- actor versus role e Does the status symbol make the Does role? role? •How many of our roles are of our own choosing? What happens if we are cast into a role we do not wish to perform? •How can we convince the audience that our performance is sincere? ...
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