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Unformatted text preview: What are Social Networks? What are Bureaucracies? What Wednesday, September 19 Wednesday, Angie Andriot, Instructor Brain Surgery Leads to Change in Accent Change What caused the change? Something in What the brain? Hearing the accent during surgery? Is this nature or nurture? surgery? First, on Social Networks First, Social network: Social the social ties that link people together together Clique: a cluster Clique: within a social network, a closed and dense network dense Obesity in Social Networks Obesity Homophily – the tendency for individuals Homophily to associate with similar others to conformity – the process by which conformity people’s beliefs and behaviors become like others in their group like Online Social Networks Online Facebook MySpace Friendster Twitter Flickr Club Club Penguin Penguin Modernity and Social Networks Networks Putnam, Bowling Alone Putnam, Strong versus Weak ties Social Capital Web 2.0 http:// Web http:// =6gmP4nk0EOE Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Max Weber, father of bureaucracy Characteristics: Clear levels, with assignments flowing Clear downward and accountability flowing upward upward A division of labor Written rules Written communications and records Impersonality and replaceability The Perpetuation of Bureaucracies Bureaucracies Goal displacement – bureaucracies tend to Goal take on a life of their own, and when they achieve their stated goal, they simply make a new one new Rationalization of society – the characteristics Rationalization of bureacracy invade our lives (rules, regulations, emphasis on results, etc) regulations, =Svu2fHqRW4M&mode=related&search= ...
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