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Fall 2010 HISTORY OF SPORT EXAMINATION 2 Our second HK 376 examination is a take home exam. You will find six essay-type questions listed below. I am asking you to write on five of the six questions. Please complete your exam and turn it in (117 LAMB) no later than Monday December 13 at 5:00 P.M. Have fun! 1. Between 1890 and 1950 sport became a prominent institution in America. What were some of the more important reasons for the growing popularity of sport during this period of time? (Chapter 8) 2. Briefly discuss four important societal forces that had a direct impact on the incredible growth of American sports since 1950. (Chapter 14) 3. For all the rhetoric about equal opportunity in American sports, the history of American sport illustrates that racially speaking sport has been terribly slow to integrate itself. Based on the information presented in Chapter 18 in your text and on class material, discuss some of the factors since World War II that have both helped and hindered racial integration in American sports.
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