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intro - Introductions Dr Laura Overview Syllabus Course...

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8/24/10 1 + Introductions Dr. Laura Claxton [email protected] Lambert 304A Office hours: Thursdays 1:30 to 2:30 And by appointment + Overview Syllabus Course Topics + Blackboard Page Lecture notes posted night before class Course Readings: No text book All readings for course will be posted on Blackboard in topic area sections Typically 2 to 3 readings per topic area Announcements – check regularly + Course Grade Examination #1--20% Examination #2--20% Labs--20% Final Project: Paper/ Presentation--20% In-Class Assignments--10% Surprise quizzes--10% + Exams 2 exams (20% each) 9/23 11/30 no make-up exams without valid doctor’s note review session the class before exam/ review sheet posted the week prior to the exam Covers material from lectures, course readings, and any in-class videos + Quizzes (10%) several surprise quizzes given in lecture cover material discussed during the current or last class
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  • School terminology,  Syllabus  Course Topics, purdue.edu  Lambert  Office, postural control readings, Postural Control/ Balance

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