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HK490 - Latham et al 2004 Systematic review of progressive...

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Latham et al., 2004 Systematic review of progressive resistance strength training in older adults Aim: to quantify the effectiveness of PRT on physical disability Note that it is well known that PRT improves strength, and many researchers assume that this will improve physical disability and the completion of activities of daily living. This article specifically addresses this assumption it is an important critical review. Some points from your summaries: 1) The authors of Latham et al (2004) did not conduct all of these trials - each trial represents one research article that was taken from peer-reviewed journals. That is why there is such variety in methods, subject populations, etc. Note that while it would be great if everyone used the same strength protocol for these review papers, researchers are now trying to find the best way to strengthen muscles, so they will use different training protocols than other researchers. The analogy in the pharmacy industry would be the development of new drugs. At this stage, researchers are searching for
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