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HK490 Motor Function in Older Adults – Set of Test Questions Any of the following questions may appear on the midterm test. 1. What are changes that occur with strength training at the neuromuscular level? Cite the literature to support your answer. 2. Compare the effects of strength training on strength outcomes versus activities of daily living. Cite the literature to support the comparisons you make. Why is there a difference? 3. Williams et al (2002) stated “A common misconception is that older people need to “take it easy” when performing exercise.” (p. 65).
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Unformatted text preview: What is your opinion regarding this statement? Cite the literature that helped you develop your opinion. 4. What is power? How important is power in performing activities of daily living? How does strength training affect power? Cite the literature as needed. 5. Describe how physiological changes with age interfere with balance and mobility. Cite the literature as needed. 6. Describe how the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease interfere with balance and mobility. Cite the literature as needed....
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