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Writing Reaction Papers - HK 490 Reaction papers will be due by noon the day before we discuss the reading. For example, a reaction paper that accompanies a reading for a Wednesday class will be due Tuesday by noon. Once we have the reaction papers, we will collate them into one pdf file that we will then email to each person in the class. You will therefore be required to read the reaction papers written by your fellow students before class. We hope that this will help with the discussion. You will not receive any credit for late reaction papers. Reaction papers should be emailed to either Jeff Haddad ( [email protected] ) or Shirley Rietdyk ( [email protected] ) as an attached word file. We will tell you the week before if you should email the reaction paper to Dr. Rietdyk or Dr. Haddad. The three components of a good reaction paper 1) A brief synopsis: A brief synopsis of the article should be included in the first paragraph of a reaction paper. The purpose of writing the synopsis is to show that you understand the article and topic. You should include the purpose of the study, why it was important (what unique and important finding did this study contribute to the scientific literature), what methods were used and what was found. 2)
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