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assignment1 - 3 What did the authors find And what were...

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HK253: Assignment 1 – Socialization and Risk-Taking Behavior on the Playground DUE: 2/11 by midnight uploaded to Blackboard As stated in Payne and Isaacs (chapter 3), socialization is the process of learning about who we are and how we are connected to our social world. Parents play a huge role and influence the socialization of children in a number of ways. For example, parents can influence their child’s attitudes and expectations towards physical activity which can ultimately influence their child’s choices of activities as well as their success. For this assignment, you will read the provided article examining the bases for sex differences in childhood injuries (which you can download from the course blackboard page) and answer the following questions in one to two pages . Remember, do not copy verbatim from the paper or abstract. All answers should be written in your own words: 1. Describe the purpose of the study. 2. What were the main independent and dependent variables being measured?
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What did the authors find? And what were their conclusions? According to the authors, what are the bases for sex differences in childhood injuries? How do these findings relate to the “nature vs. nurture” debate discussed in class? Which side of the debate are the authors on? 4. There was also a correlation component to the data analysis. What were the two variables that were correlated? What was the relationship between these two variables? 5. What if fathers rather than mothers participated in this study? Do you think there would be any differences in the findings? Explain why or why not? 6. What might be some criticisms of the study? 7. In what ways did your parents influence or not influence your physical activity when you were a child? What roles did they play? For example, did they encourage certain sports or activities, and discourage other sports and activities?...
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