exam1 - H K 253 Exam 1 Review Sheet ( Exam 1: Feb. 9 th )...

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HK 253 Exam 1 Review Sheet (Exam 1: Feb. 9 th ) The following review sheet outlines the important topics that were covered in lecture that will be included on the exam. In addition to these topics there will be questions from each of the readings that were assigned. You are responsible for the information from chapters 1, 2, 3 (pages 45-58), and the posted reading on Brain Development, as well as the information presented in any of the in-class videos. The exam will be a combination of multiple choice and short answer. You will have the whole class period to complete the exam. 1. Introductory material (Payne & Isaacs Chapter 1) a. Definition of motor development b. Reasons to study motor development c. The four domains of human development d. Traditional vs New views of development e. The different periods of the life-span and the typical ages associated with each of period 2. Concepts of Development a. The six enduring themes in child development 3. Research Methods (Payne & Isaacs Chapter 1)
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exam1 - H K 253 Exam 1 Review Sheet ( Exam 1: Feb. 9 th )...

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