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hmwk3 - HK253 Assignment 3 motor milestones Due April 13th...

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HK253: Assignment 3 – motor milestones Due: April 13 th by midnight, uploaded to Blackboard Background: In children with Down’s Syndrome, the development of many motor milestones (such as walking) is often delayed. Research has therefore attempted to improve motor development of these children through various training regimens. For example, some studies have shown that children with Down’s Syndrome develop the ability to walk alone sooner if they get practice stepping on a treadmill while supported by a parent. In this assignment you will investigate various training techniques that have been used in research studies to improve motor skills in children with Down’s Syndrome. Protocol: For this assignment, you will need to read the article (posted on Blackboard), “Effects of Intensity of Treadmill Training on Developmental Outcomes and Stepping in Infants with Down Syndrome: A Randomized Trial”, find one other article from an academic journal that discusses how treadmill training
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