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HK253: Assignment 2 - Stem Cells DUE: 3/2/10 by midnight uploaded to Blackboard Claims have been made that embryonic stem cells can someday be used to cure a myriad of diseases including, diabetes, paralysis, and Parkinson’s disease. However, since 1996, the year stem cells were first successfully extracted from an embryo, a lot of controversy has surrounded stem cell research. The controversy is between the scientists, who believe more stem cell research should be funded and conducted and religious leaders who object to stem cell research on theological grounds and believe this research should be limited or outlawed. In the first part of this project, you will research stem cells and answer the questions in part 1 below. In the second part of this project you read two provided articles (which you can download from the course blackboard page) and answer the questions in part 2. Part 1: In a one-half to one-page, answer the below questions regarding the basics of Stem Cells 1) What are stem cells? 2)
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