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Name HK 468: Grant Assignment #2: October 1, 2008 Introduction: As marathons, triathlons, and other endurance athletic events have increased in popularity, there has been a subsequent rise in the incidence of serious hyponatremia and associated fatalities. A number of notable cases have been reported, including that of an athlete who collapsed and later died after completing the 2007 London Marathon, due to hyponatremia [1] . In fact, hyponatremia is one of the most common complications of long-distance racing. Hyponatremia is a disturbance in electrolyte balance; specifically when the sodium concentration in the plasma is too low (below 135 mmol/L.) While there appears to be a gap in scientific knowledge regarding the exact mechanisms behind exercise-associated hyponatremia, experts agree that excessive water intake is the main cause of this condition. Athletes may experience neurological symptoms such as confusion, seizures, and altered mental status. If
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Example%20Grant%20Assignment%20#2 - Name HK 468: Grant...

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