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Grant Assignment #5 – Expected Results The purpose of this assignment is to create a graphical representation of the expected results of your proposed investigation. The assignment should be emailed to me as a word document ( [email protected] ) prior to class (1:30pm) on 4-29-10 with your name and email address. No late assignments will be accepted. This assignment will be worth 3% of your overall course grade. Requirements A single graph of your expected results should be created. The graph should incorporate all the subject groups or interventions that you propose to investigate.
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Unformatted text preview: Each graph should have a: Title (top of the graph) (0.5pts) Legend (upper left or right hand corner of graph) (0.5pts) Labeled y axis (with units) (0.5pts) Labeled x axis (with units) (0.5pts) Appropriate values for x axis and y axis (0.5pts) Figure description (bottom of the graph) (0.5pts) Example Effects of Exercise on Sudan IV Staining in Rapacz Swine Percent Sudan IV staining in the brachial, femoral, carotid, thoracic aorta and left anterior descending arteries of sedentary and endurance exercise trained hypercholesterolemic swine....
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